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Tonhalle Zurich - Debut concert

In this concert season, we played our debut in the world-renowned concert hall Tonhalle Zurich. In our program, there were two compositions to be found in versions no other ensemble ever performed until now. Trio nr. 1 op. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich, the cello part was replaced by alto saxophone, and the world premiere of the contemporary composition Mikroncerto IIIb, composed by Richard Dubugnon and dedicated to our ensemble. We are proud to present you live recordings of both!

Trio Klavis - Dmitri Shostakovich Trio Nr. 1, Op. 8

Trio Klavis - Richard Dubugnon, Mikroncerto lllb World Premiere

Music video release

We are glad to present our brand new music video with the exciting piece „Mad for Seven“ by Hyung-ki Joo! This video shoot took place in July 2016 in Vienna and after careful post production our little film is finally ready. Many Sevens are coming your way and you can even briefly spot the composer himself!
You are welcome to watch it here:

Trio Klavis - Mad For Seven

Geography of Sound - our debut CD is out!

We are so happy to present you our debut CD, “Geography of Sound”. We worked on it heartily and had some amazing people’s support on the way. Sharing it with everyone is a dream coming true. What a happy time for us!
Order your copy from: mail@trioklavis.com

Slovenian Debut

Our “S” Miha’s homeland is the next destination for us to conquer. We are very excited to play in Velenje in April, which will mark our Slovenian Debut. This will be followed by a revisit shortly after, with a concert in Koper in May. Counting days to play for the audience of this beautiful country.
Abonma Klasika, Velenje
Amabile, Koper

Support us on wemakeit.com!

We are very close to make a big dream come true! We are about to release our debut CD with our beloved program Geography of Sound. We have started a crowdfunding campaign to be able to produce our debut CD, which was chosen to be supported by Bank Austria. We do insist on having you glance through our profile and do hope you will find a reward for your taste! https://wemakeit.com/projects/trio-klavis-cd-debut

Debut Concert in Turkey!

Our excitement is rising more and more with each day about our Turkey Debut at the International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival. Our “Kla” Sabina grew up in this country so it will be even more special for us to play there. Miha is arranging a folk tune from the area where we will be playing and we will do the world premiere on the gorgeous open air stage of the festival! Tickets and info:
Gümüşlük Festival 2015

Trio KlaViS feat. Aleksey Igudesman

The one and only Aleksey Igudesman sacrificed himself for an experiment with us. Miha's new piece "Happy Hour" is a medley of music around the world, and the travel is led by traditional beverages of each country!
YouTube: "Happy Hour" by Miha Ferk, ft. Aleksey Igudesman

Julian Rachlin on Trio KlaViS:

Words from the world acclaimed violinist and conductor Julian Rachlin, about us:
"Trio KlaViS consists of three exceptional musicians who make music with great passion on the highest level. The original instrumentation of their ensemble lends the pieces they perform a great range of colours and makes them shine in the world of classical music!"

Jenny as the Artistic Director of Podium Festival Mödling

Our beloved "Vi" of KlaViS, is in the core team and is the co-founder of the Podium Festival Mödling, which had a huge success at its 2nd edition this year. The festival was held end of September and each concert of the festival had its own appealing theme.
Find a TV article and more details about it here:
Tv article
Official website

Composer and arranger Miha Ferk!

Our "S" Miha Ferk's fame is rising as a composer and arranger. His arrangement of Kozina's Bela Krajina has been premiered by LadieSaxophone quartet in Szczecinek, Poland on the 18th of July!
You can also hear his arrangement of Piazzolla's "Tango Suite", performed by Trio KlaViS here:
2nd Movement
3nd Movement

Congratulations to Sabina!

We are congratulating our "Kla" Sabina Hasanova for the success in her secret talent! Her drawings were published by Universal Edition, in Aleksey's new book "Horoscope Preludes" for violin and piano.

Find it in music shops or online: Universal Edition

Presenting New Videos From Our Concert!

We are happy to present you some videos from our live performance at the ORF Radiokulturhaus. Find them on our Media page, you can listen to works by Piazzolla, Brahms, Igudesman and Khachaturian!

A Warm Thank You!

We would like to thank Musikverein and Radiokulturhaus for having us in their halls this week. We had a great time celebrating 10 Year Anniversary of the 4 New Halls of Musikverein, playing in Metallener Saal last Saturday. And we certainly had amazing time on the stage in ORF Radiokulturhaus on the 27th of March, with our special guest Aleksey Igudesman. We were so happy to have such great audience and we did have a standing ovation! Stay tuned for upcoming new projects!


We are very happy to announce the release of our website! We hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our recordings, photos and biographies and hope to meet you soon at our next performances!

"Take It To Eleven" at ORF Radiokulturhaus, with special guest Aleksey Igudesman

Our big day is about to arrive, we go on stage in ORF Radiokulturhaus Wien together with the amazing violinist, composer and master of musical humor Aleksey Igudesman!!!

We will also play the world premiere of a piece Aleksey Igudesman wrote especially for us, coincidentally called "Take It To Eleven" as well! Don’t miss it!!!
Find tickets here: www.ticketonline.at

Trio KlaViS on YouTube and SoundCloud

You can now follow Trio KlaViS on YouTube and SoundCloud.
We have just released a new recording of Marc Eychenne's "Cantilene et Danse".
Find it here:
Trio KlaViS on Youtube
Tria KlaViS on Soundcloud

Trio KlaViS - Musikverein Debut

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Trio KlaViS is having their debut concert in Musikverein, under the title "Take It To Eleven"! We will be presented by the renowned cycle Uno.Due.Tre, founded by Marialena Fernandes. We would love to invite you all to enjoy this event with us!
Show all news...
Michael Haydn "Divertimento No. 2 MH6"
Dmitri Shostakovich "Trio Nr. 1 Op. 8"
Richard Dubugnon "Mikroncerto IIIb", World Premiere
Hyung-ki Joo "Mad For Seven", Official Video
Astor Piazzolla "Tango Suite" 2nd mov, arr. by Miha Ferk
Astor Piazzolla "Tango Suite" 3rd mov, arr. by Miha Ferk
"Take It To Eleven" by Aleksey Igudesman, World Premiere
"Happy Hour" by Miha Ferk, ft. Aleksey Igudesman
Johannes Brahms Horn Trio op.40 1st mov
Johannes Brahms Horn Trio op.40 2nd movement
Aram Khachaturian Trio 3rd movement
"Reflection N° 1" By Miha Ferk
Marc Eychenne "Cantilene et Danse" Part 1 - Cantilene
Marc Eychenne"Cantilene et Danse" Part 2 - Danse

Download Electronic Presskit - English / German

Download Press Photos - High Quality

Trio KlaViS
"Virtuosos Without Borders"

Trio Klavis has quickly established itself as an exceptional new chamber-music ensemble, attracting international attention with their unique combination of instruments and impressively diverse repertoire. Through engaging and creative programming, Trio Klavis invites their audience on a journey through wildly different worlds of music, from the elegant classical era to the age of dodecaphony, from masterworks of the great Romantics to original works inspired by ancient folk melodies, all the while exploring new jewels of the 21st century by living composers.

Trio Klavis has enjoyed great success with its dazzling programs on prestigious stages all around the world, including Tonhalle Zürich in Switzerland, St. Petersburg Philharmonie in Russia, Gasteig Munich in Germany, Vienna Musikverein, Allegro Vivo and Grafenegg Festival in Austria. Their international tours have brought them to many European countries as well as China, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

Trio Klavis performs classical works ranging from Brahms to Shostakovich, Haydn to Rachmaninoff, alongside new arrangements and compositions of their own. They are dedicated to bringing a fresh and noble new sound to these treasured masterpieces and have already successfully convinced some of the world’s most conservative audiences.

As pioneers of this unique combination of instruments, Trio Klavis passionately engages with newly written music and are determined to expand the existing repertoire for this instrumentation, securing a place for it as one of the essential formations in modern chamber-music playing.

Trio Klavis regularly receives original compositions from acclaimed composers, excited to write for their ensemble. Aleksey Igudesman’s “Take It To Eleven” dedicated to the trio has been published by Universal Edition. Richard Dubugnon’s Mikroncerto lllb which he wrote for Trio Klavis has been praised as a “golden addition” to the repertoire. The trio recently produced an independent music video for Hyung-ki Joo’s “Mad For Seven” which he wrote for them, which was awarded Best Music Video by the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards.

Trio Klavis are winners of the Bank Austria Art Prize, as well as recipients of the Scholarship for Music of the Federal Chancellery of the Republic of Austria.

Their debut CD “Geography of Sound” was released by Orlando Records in 2016.

The name Trio KlaViS derives from the German: "Klavier, Violine, Saxophon".


JENNY LIPPL – Violin & “Vi” of KlaViS

Even while in the womb, Jenny was immersed by the sounds of the voices of her Mexican mother and Viennese father, as well as the music they loved. Dvorak and Chopin intermixed Mexican danzon and boleros.

When Jenny was five years old, she was already asked, "How many languages do you speak?" The answer was obvious. "German, Spanish and the recorder." While German and Spanish remained, musical fluency has only increased in diversity of instruments and skill. Shortly before her 10th birthday she discovered the violin to be her voice. Regina Brandstätter was to be her first teacher.

If music is to poetry, what the soul is to the body and they are senseless without each other, it was inevitable that her love for music and her love for poetry grew hand in hand.

At the University for Music in Vienna, Jenny eventually met her violin professor, Ernst Kovacic, a tireless explorer of musical worlds. He taught her fearlessness, respect for art, and lasting curiosity. She received artistic guidance from members of the Vienna Philharmonic, such as their concert master Volkhard Steude, iconic quartet members such as Gerhard Schulz, influential instructors such as Igor Ozim and explored the freedom of Baroque players and of contemporary music specialists.

Eventually she received her Masters degree with distinction, only to continue her journey through the wide fields of music. In the same year, out of her newfound freedom, the "Podium Festival Mödling" came to life, a chamber music festival that aims to tear down creative borders. Jenny proudly founded this unique musical platform together with friends and great musicians.

First and foremost, her heart is with Trio KlaViS, in her mind a wondrous kaleidoscope of colors of sound and emotion.


MIHA FERK - Saxophone & "S" of KlaViS

Where Miha's musical journey began is a tricky question to answer. It may have been the small guitar he was given as a child with which he immediately began composing songs. Perhaps it was the "May Day Parade" of the wind orchestra in his hometown in Slovenia, that convinced him to play the saxophone. It might have been his parents' 50 CD box which drove him into the arms of music for good. Be that as it may, he devoted his life to music and has not looked back since.

Before Miha could find freedom as an artist, he had to collect some papers to prove that he had learned and practiced sufficiently as a musician. First he finished Music High School and went to Vienna to study the saxophone, where he received his Master's Degree, both with distinction.

In the meantime Miha played as a soloist with several orchestras, wrote many compositions, did numerous arrangements, listened to volumes of music and went to many museums. He also played in various saxophone quartets, conducted, read books, studied the musical language of Luciano Berio and analyzed Bach's counterpoint. Besides that he met a lot of interesting and less interesting people, often sat alone in thought and enjoyed being in nature as well as partying hard.

Miha is constantly arranging and composing music, often commissioned by great musicians. He is also part of the "Vienna Saxophonic Orchestra", an original ensemble consisting of twelve saxophones. His greatest passion and his strongest musical voice is in Trio KlaViS, for which he composes and arranges as well. Miha's composition "Reflection" is the first official music video of Trio KlaViS featured on YouTube.


SABINA HASANOVA - Piano & "Kla" of KlaViS

Born in Baku Azerbaijan into a Russian family of pianists and growing up in different parts of Turkey, Sabina has a relatively long answer to those who ask her where she is from.

Her main musical and human inspirations are her parents Olga and Vasif Hasanov, both great pianists and piano teachers. They taught her a great deal about music and art, as well as how to cope psychologically with being the daughter of professors. Wanting to pass her knowledge on straight away, Sabina herself taught at the Kafkas University for two years and did charity work, giving piano lessons to underprivileged children.

When there was time in between practicing, performing, teaching, and winning numerous competitions, she would make large drawings on the walls of the cafeteria of her University. This finally resulted in her drawings being published by Universal Edition in Aleksey Igudesman’s book „Horoscope Preludes“.

World famous musicians such as Dmitri Alexeev and Boris Bloch, taught Sabina in lessons and masterclasses how to play all the right notes. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Istanbul, she moved to Vienna and made her post-graduate studies at the University of Music with renowned Austrian pianist and conductor Stefan Vladar.

Sabina is also the associate producer, as well as one of the core team members of the film “Noseland", a feature length comical documentary starring John Malkovich, Sir Roger Moore, Julian Rachlin and many other star musicians. Noseland has been screened at 15 film festivals around the world, including the famous Karlovy Vary Film Festival, where she enjoyed walking in her favorite Louboutin shoes on the red carpet.

She had solo and chamber music appearances around the world, yet her recent secret passion is aggressive skating which, to the relieve of her biggest love, Trio KlaViS, she only does wearing all round protection.


Take It To Eleven

In the legendary movie "Spinal Tap" the volume levels go up to eleven, one higher than the usual ten. Fast and furiously, Trio Klavis steps out of the safe zone and takes the audience on an adventurous ride that starts from works of Johannes Brahms, Marc Eychenne and goes through works of Astor Piazzolla and the highly explosive "Take It To Eleven" by Aleksey Igudesman, written exclusively for the trio.


The real world gets left behind for a while with this truly reflective Trio Klavis program. Carried away through the magical "Reflection No. 1" written by their very own saxophone player Miha Ferk and deeply moved through master pieces by Sergei Rachmaninoff and Heitor Villa-Lobos, the audience may find themselves somewhat less troubled when touching ground again.

Geography Of Sound

Trio Klavis embarks on a unique musical journey through the various homelands of its members, such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Mexico, Russia, Austria and the Balkan countries. The trio's thirst for new musical experiences knows no limits. Folk songs arranged by all the members of the trio stand next to works of classical composers, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aram Khachaturian, George Gershwin and Arturo Marquez.

La Création

In a program of mystic beauty, Trio Klavis lets their audience experience the contrast of light and dark; delight and sadness; illusion and reality. Darius Milhaud depicts the creation of the world according to African mythology in “La Creation du Monde”, alongside works by Dmitri Shostakovich, Ernst Krenek.

Pure Klavis

The program consists exclusively of works that have been written for or dedicated to Trio Klavis, including works by acclaimed composers such as Aleksey Igudesman, Richard Dubugnon, Hyung-ki Joo, Miha Ferk and Donald Yu. This program shows the fascinating wide range of music of early 21st century, all works being originally written for this instrumentation.

A Program To Fit All Themes

Whatever a concert hall, a presenter or festival may have on their musical wish list, Trio KlaViS is happy to use their creative skills to tailor-make a program for any concert theme. Requests and commissions of special arrangements are always welcome.

Trio Klavis: Complete repertoire list

Trio Clavis Piano in Water
Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Musikverein, Gläserner Saal

"Ost.West" tickets
Vienna, Austria

19.30 - Brick-5

Bad Kissingen, Germany

23.00 - Bad Kissingen

"Late Night Konzert" Details TBA
Bad Kissingen, Germany

19.00 - Bad Kissingen

Details TBA
Ziersdorf, Austria

19.30 - Konzerthaus Weinviertel

"Allegro Vivo - Perpetuum nobile" tickets
Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Brick-5

"Klang des Impressionismus" more info
Vienna, Austria

19.00 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Doppelkonzert - Trio Klavis und Folksmilch" more info
Harare, Zimbabwe

20.00 HIFA 2017

"Geography Of Sound" tickets
Harare, Zimbabwe

20.00 HIFA 2017

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Vienna, Austria

19.30 - Brick-5

"Mosaïque - Wiener Blut" tickets
Dalian, China

19.00 - Dalian Theatre

"Take It To Eleven"
Changsha, China


"Take It To Eleven"
Nanjing, China

19.00 - Cultural Center

"Take It To Eleven"
Vienna, Austria

21.00 - Theater in der Josefstadt

"Bank Austria Gala"
Zürich, Switzerland

19.30 - Tonhalle, Kleiner Saal

"Für Sie entdeckt" tickets
St. Petersburg, Russia

20.00 - Small Philharmonic hall

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Vienna, Austria

20.00 - Theater am Spittelberg

"Doppelkonzert: BartolomeyBittmann – „Neubau“ | Trio KlaViS" tickets
Koper, Slovenia

20.00 - Glasbena Akademija

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Velenje, Slovenia

19.30 - Glasbena šola Frana Koruna Koželjskega

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Vienna, Austria

Friday Nights with Yury Revich

19.00 - Schwarzberg

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Klosterneuburg, Austria

19.30 - Babenbergerhalle

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
Maria Saal, Austria

Kammermusik Maria Saal

"KlaViS in Maria Saal" tickets
Amstetten, Austria

19:30 - Johann-Pölz-Halle

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
Hainburg, Austria

18:00 - Hainburger Haydn Gesellschaft

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Munich, Germany

20:00 - Gasteig, Kleiner Konzertsaal

"Take It To Eleven" tickets
Schloss Kirchstetten im Weinviertel, Austria

19:30 - Maulbertsch-Saal

"Musik als Geste des Geistes" tickets
ISA Festival, Mürzzuschlag, Austria

20:00 - Mürzzuschlag Großer Stadtsaal

“Summer Classix” tickets
Vienna, Austria

19:30 - Theater am Spittelberg

“Geography of Sound” tickets
International Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival, Gümüşlük, Turkey

21:00 - Ancient Quarry

“Geography of Sound” tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 - Musikverein, Metallener Saal

"Geography of Sound" tickets
Grafenegg, Austria

17:30 – Grafenegg Schlosshof

„Zwischen Witz und Wahnwitz“ Trio KlaViS & Yu Horiuchi tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 – ORF Radiokulturhaus, Grosser Sendesaal

„Take It To Eleven“ with Special Guest Aleksey Igudesman tickets
Vienna, Austria

21:00 - Musikverein, Metallener Saal

„10 Jahre 4 Neue Säle“ tickets
Vienna, Austria

19.30 - MuTh

Vienna Saxophone Festival „SaxParty“ tickets
Vienna, Austria

20:00 – Musikverein, Gläserner Saal „Take It To Eleven“

Uno.Due.Tre, with Marialena Fernandes